The activities of BCRC

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  The activities of BCRC in Iran from June 2015 Until now


1-Holding a one day workshop on POPs management on 9 November 2015 in Sarv Hall in Department of Environment of Iran

For this workshop the representatives of member and non-member Countries   were invited but just the representatives of Bangladesh and Nepal participated.

In the workshop the experts of different organizations were trained about POPs management  and hazardous wastes and their transportations.

2-Holding of the second exhibition and seminar of Recycling of tyre  and the Environment on14,15 November 2015 in The Department of Environment

In the workshop the industries which use cleaner mechanism was introduced.

3-Holding a one day workshop about Introducing BASEL ,STOCKHOLM and ROTTERDAM Conventions on 21 November 2016 inin The Department of Environment.

4-A book about BASEL, Stockholm and Rotterdam Convention and the methods for hazardous wastes management will be published very soon.

5-Providing the action plan 2016-2019 about BCRC /SCRC in Iran and sending it to the Secretariat of BASEL.

6-Consultation on Master and pHD thesis about normal and hazardous wastes management and the sites of their disposal in Iran







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