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Curriculum Vitae










Name: Khatereh

Surname : Feyz Bakhsh Vaghef

Martial status: Single

Address : Basel Convention Regional Centre,Department of the Environment , Pardisan Eco-Park, Hakeem High way,Tehran,Iran

Tel (office): +9821 42781090, Fax :+982188233157     Cell phone : +98 9123213326

E-mail address: Khatereh_V@Yahoo.Com ,




Ms :  Environmental Education – Payam-e -Noor university 2016

Bs : Biology – the branch of cell and molecular -Tehran University 1990




Farsi         Native

English     Fluent

French      Moderate


Professional  experience


-Working at Basel Convention Regional Centre as an expert since Jun 2015

-Working at Deputy of  Human  Environment as an expert from Jun 2013 until Jun 2015

-Working at Shiva Mohit Pars Co 2011-2013

- Working at the department of Environmental Engineering in MATN Company






National Projects


1- Research and design of a pilot for determining  efficiency removal of heavy metals by algae from power plants, waste water in batch and continuous system

2- Effects of disasters on pollution due to break down of gas distribution system

3- Environmental impacts Assessment of Abaddan gaseous power plant

4- Definition of environmental standards for the borderline of power plants

5- Studying cost of air pollution on human health and the environment

6- Comprehensive Air pollution studies karaj city

     7- Determination of Wastewater Pollutants through Neka Power plant

8-Measuring and survey of 27 power plants pollutants

9-Environmental management of Kerman ,Soofiyan ,Dorood, Abeyek cement factories

10- Environmental management of Kerman, Soofiyan, Dorood, Abeyek mine

11-Educational need assessment for the group of environmental impact assessment experts of DoE in Iran





1- Environmental Impacts Assessment of Kerman combined power plant. ,Payam Matn magazine, number 37.October 2001


2- Effects of disasters on air pollution due to break down of gas distribution system, Iranian congress on air pollution. 6-7 October 2003


3- Recovery and reuse of waste water an action towards water shortage problem. the first Tehran-Madrid joint conference on optimal water consumption management 15-18 January 2002


4- Definition of environmental standards for the borderline of power plants -18th International power system conference 20-22 October 2003


5- Survey of the efficiency removal of heavy metals by algae from power plants, waste water in batch and continuous system and comparison them with chemicals methods.


6- Heavy metals removal from industrial waste (Power plant) in a continuous flow by algae, 17th International Power system conference 22-23 October 2003.


7- Determination of human health effect and environmental damage due to air pollution emission of Power plant stack, 20th International Power system conference 14-16 Nov. 2005.


8- The economical effects of air pollutions emission of Power plants stacks on human health, Iranian congress on air pollution 21-22 Feb 2006.


9- Determination the costs of CO2 emission of thermal Power plants stack on environment, 21st International Power system conference 13-15 Nov 2006


10-Assessment of environmental strategy for sustainable in Iran,6th national  environmental expert conference 25-26 Feb 2007.


11-Clean development mechanism (CDM) as a useful mechanism for reducing 

greenhouse gas emissions,2th future research conference ,17-19 November 2008.


12-Sustainable development and environmental performance index (EPI),2thfuture researchconference, 17-19 November 2008.






1-Writting a proposal for receiving an Environmental chair for Payam-e -Noor university from UNESCO (project title: Establishment of a chair on waste reduce, reuse and recycle) The proposal was accepted on March 2016.

2-Compling 6 Vol  hand books with title “Reduce ,Reuse and Recycle of waste”  for pre-primary and primary school students .These books will be published by The office of Education and Public Participation of the Department of Environment very soon.

3- Holding  one day work shop with title” Introducing of Basel , Stockholm and Rotterdam conventions” and I explained the information about these conventions to the participants  at Rasht province of Iran on 22 November 2015.

4-Cooperation with Rojan Sanat Alborz Co and partnership in the POPs Management Workshop 9 November 2015 In the Department of  Environment  Pardisan Eco-Park

5-Cooperation with Iran Rubber Industries Engineering and Research Company and partnership in the second Exhibition and Conference of  Environment and Tier recycle work shop  25-26  November  2015  In the Department of  Environment  Pardisan Eco-Park


6-Translating  the book "problem organisms in water: (AWWA Manual M7) from English to Persian 2002





‍-Certificate of Environmental Impact Assessment (Organized by MATN CO -2 Dec 1999).


-IMS(Integrated Management System)-Internal Auditor Certificate, Issued by Iran Branch of BSI(British Standard Institute)on 12March 2005.


                  -Certificate of attendance in training seminar on project management

Organized by MATN CO 17,22,25 July 2007) .)


-Certificate of attendance in the Electronic Trade work shop 27-28 Jun 2007


-Attendance in environmental work group at Tehran City Council  2007-2011 


-Certificate of attendance in Passive Defense work shop 2014 (Organized by Iranian National standards Organization )


-Certificate of attendance in Energy Efficiency and Standard  work shop 2014(Organized by Iranian National standards Organization )














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