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 Curriculum Vita

Seyed Masoud Monavari

Date of Birth:23Sep1954
Place of Birth:Rasht-Iran
Address: Tehran, Iran
Tel: (++98)21-44804375; Mob (++98) 9121772380

Languages: Persian, English.

Area of Experience:

Monavari has over 34 years of professional experience that includes research, teaching and
administration. His expertise and interests include land and natural resources management,
environmental impact assessment, strategic environmental assessment, solid waste
management , tourism and ecotourism, environmental planning and management.

University Education:

Ph.D. (1999) Environmental Science, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.Ph.D.
Dissertation :Evaluation of criteria and EIA on solid waste landfills in the humid areas of
MSc. (1993) Environmental Management, Islamic Azad University , Tehran, Iran. Thesis:
Landfilling of municipal solid waste in the city of Rasht.
MBA. (1980) Administrative Studies, S.E. Oklahoma State University, Durant, USA. Thesis:
Impacts of urban growth on the Denison city municipal costs.

BA. (1971) Regional Planning ,Geography, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran. Thesis:
Economic values of Hyrcanian forests.

Employment Record:

-2001- Present :Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Energy and Environment, Sciences
and Research Campus, Islamic Azad University. Tehran: Iran.
-2003-2007: National Project Manager, Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of
SEA in Iran, UNDP-DoE, Tehran, Iran.
-1999-2001: National Project Manager, Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of
EIA in Iran, UNDP- DoE, Tehran, Iran.
-1997-Present: Manager of Environmental Division, Arziaban-e-Mohit Co.Ltd.
(Environmental Assessors), Tehran, Iran.
-1993-1997: Senior expert of EIA, DoE, Tehran, Iran.
-1986-1993: Coordinator of Environmental Researches, DoE, Rasht, Iran.
-1983-1988: Senior expert of EIA, DoE, Rasht, Iran.
-1980-1983: Manager of green space projects, Rasht Industrial Estate, Iran.

Major Environmental Assessments Undertaken:

-For the Municipality of Tehran: Environmental Strategies Consultant.
-For the UNDP and IR.DoE: National project manager, capacity building and institutional
strengthening of SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) in Iran.
-For the UNDP and IR.DoE: National project manager, capacity building and institutional
strengthening of EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) in Iran.
-For the water resource management, World Bank Project: Team leader, Tajan river basin
ecosystem management.
-For the Doe of Iran: Team leader, the state of environment(SOE).
-For the Iranian consulting engineers companies: Project Manager for 52 projects, team
leader and consultant for 194 plans and projects.

Environmental Training Conducted:

SEA and EIA for 48 (2 and 3 days) workshops and training courses for Iranian NGOs,
governmental and private sectors experts, and post graduate students. One solid waste
management workshop for public and municipalities of Iran.

Special Training:

-IHP- DHP: International training workshop on EIA with special regard to water resources
management, Bangkok 12-16 Nov. 2001.
-UNDP- DoE: Training workshop on environmental economy, Aug .2000 Tehran, Iran.
-DOE of Iran: Noise pollution control, Sep. 1999, Tehran, Iran.
-OWRC: ISO 14000 for solid waste management, 1998, Tehran, Iran. DOE of Iran: EIA of
development projects, Feb. 1990, Tehran, Iran.
-DoE of Iran: Land- use planning, March 1990, Tehran, Iran.
-DoE of Iran: wildlife management, June 1990 Tehran, Iran.
-DoE of Iran: 36 days training courses on environmental management and pollution control,
Nov. 1983,Tehran, Iran.

a) Books
1- Ecology of Anzali Wetland (1990),

2-Introduction to Environmental Impact Assessment (Iran Department of the Environment
3-19 EIA Guidelines for Airports, Dams, Agro industries ,Thermal power plants , Highways,
Railroads , Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Irrigation and drainages, Industrial estates,
Cement factories, Steels, Tourism and ecotourism, Harbors, and Reforestation projects (Iran
Department of the Environment -UNDP 2001-2004),
22- Landfills, Incinerators ( Tehran OWRC 2002),
23-Environmental Science Dictionary (2004),
24- Environmental Impact Assessment (2005),
25-Environmental Strategic Management (2007),
26-Prediction of Environmental Impacts (2008),
27-Management and Design of Municipal Solid Waste Collection (2010),

28-Environmental Impacts of Development Projects(2009),
29- Strategic Environmental Assessment (2010),
30- Environmental Management(2019),

 31-Human and Environment(2011),
32-Clean Development Mechanism(2011),
33-Ecological Risk Assessment (2011),
34-Bibliography of Iranian Environment(2012),
35-Cumulative Impact Assessment(2013).
36-Urban Environmental Management Strategies(2013),
37-Environmental Impacts and Management of Water Resources Development Plans and
River Engineering(2014).
Over 198 scientific and technical articles and reports in various books, national and
international journals and governmental publications.
c) Speaker:
Speaker in the 148 national and international seminars.
d)Researches and Surveys:
Manager, consultant and advisor of 219 national and international plans and projects.

Thesis Supervision:

1-Over 96 M.Sc thesis have been supervised at different universities in the country.
2-About 21 Ph.D thesis have been supervised at different universities in the country.


1-The International Association for Impact Assessment(IAIA).
2-Membership in over 4 National Associations.

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